Free and Confidential Pregnancy Resource Center

Are You In School And Pregnant?

It’s possible to go to school and parent. Though it’s challenging, don’t count this option out. We know it’s hard enough keeping up with homework and school activities, but you don’t have to do this alone.

Our knowledgeable Havelock Pregnancy Resource Center team is here to walk with you and support you. Before you decide on your pregnancy option, confirm your pregnancy with our free and confidential pregnancy testing and ultrasound.

You Are Protected

As a pregnant or parenting student, Title IX of the federal government protects you from discrimination or harassment. Title IX guarantees you:

  • Freedom from pregnancy-based discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying.
  • The same benefits as other students with health conditions
  • The right to fully participate in educational programs and school activities
  • The ability to reschedule class work or complete it at home
  • Appropriate academic guidance and support services to enable you to continue your education
  • Receive classwork, assignments, and additional support to ensure you remain current with class requirements

We Can Help You

We’re sure you have a lot of questions. Are you asking yourself:

  • How can I possibly finish school?
  • What about my future?
  • How will I tell my partner or my parents about the pregnancy?
  • Should I consider making an adoption plan?
  • What do I think about abortion?
  • What resources are available if I choose to parent?

These are typical questions, and we can help you answer these and more. We imagine you’re feeling anxious, frustrated, and confused. You need a safe place to work through it all. We promise our conversations and your test results will never be shared with anyone.

It may not be easy, but know you’re not alone. You have options. We’ll share those with you and see which choice is best for you. We will walk this journey with you.

Choose Courage.
It Looks Good On You.