Free and Confidential Pregnancy Resource Center

How do I know if I’m pregnant?

A missed period is usually the first sign of pregnancy, although there are other symptoms. We offer a free and confidential pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. Getting another one is vital even if you’ve taken an at-home test.

How much will my appointment cost?

All services provided by our team of caring volunteers are free and confidential. We want everyone to get the necessary information without worrying about the cost.

When Should I Get An Ultrasound?

If you’ve received a positive pregnancy test from us, your next step is to schedule a free ultrasound exam. Ultrasound is an essential step because it will reveal information about the pregnancy that is crucial to your health and safety.

Can I bring someone with me?

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when you visit us. If you would like to bring your partner, a friend, or a parent, they are welcome. We will meet with you individually for part of the time, and then you can invite them to join you.

Can I be pregnant and have an STD?

If you are sexually active, you could have an STD (sexually transmitted disease). Pregnancy does not protect you from STDs. Many STDs don’t have immediate symptoms, so it’s essential to be tested regularly.

Will my insurance company know about my appointment?

Because our community supports us, we can offer all our services for free. We do not bill your insurance or notify anyone about your appointment.

What if I don’t know my next steps?

Sometimes, the circumstances and consequences of life don’t seem fair. We’re here to talk with you about your specific situation and your future. We are focused on helping you make healthy and informed choices without judgment or condemnation.

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